7 Fun Road Trip Activity Ideas For Kids

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It can be difficult to travel with children, especially if it is long distance. Boredom sets in faster in cars than elsewhere, and the crying, moaning and other unpleasant behaviors that often ensue can be frustrating and even dangerous when you’re driving a large family vehicle. Smartphones and tablets can bring inner peace to many parents who drive, but some parents don’t like the idea that their child is glued to a screen for extended periods of time. There are many ways to make your trip more enjoyable for your child and for mom and Dad.

Enjoy Fun Games and Activities for a Long Car Ride

These are seven easy and fun road trip activities for kids that will keep them busy on the way.

  • Smart Devices: This is a common, but sometimes unfavorable approach. Give your child or toddler a device with a screen. These devices can be an effective and simple way to keep your children entertained, especially if you are going on a long trip. There are many educational apps, games, and quizzes that can keep your child entertained for hours. There are many movies that you can download for children, including Toy Story, Cars and Monsters Inc.
  • Enjoying fun travel games on long car rides is a great idea. These games are great for bonding, fun for all ages, and set a wonderful atmosphere. There are many options available, including classic car games like Traveler’s Alphabet and spot-it-BINGO and 20 questions. You can also choose from magnetized board games like chess or educational games like Mad Libs. If your children get bored with the movies and electronic games, these can keep them busy for hours.
  • Audiobooks/Books: Reading is always a good way to pass time. E-readers can hold thousands of books, audiobooks, and comics, so you will never run out. Audiobooks are ideal for people who become tired of reading or for those who feel sick.
  • Toys for the Road: A variety of toys is a great way to keep your kids busy. You can introduce new toys to your children as milestone markers or rewards for good behavior throughout the trip if you have purchased new toys. It will encourage good behavior and keep kids interested. This will also prolong the fun times in your car. Legos are great travel toys because they can be stored in a container and attached to large Lego boards. This will keep the pieces from being lost in the car.
  • Karaoke: What can you do when everyone is bored in your car? Although it may not be the most fun road trip activity for awkward teens, karaoke is a great way to get everyone involved and using their energy. Modern cars have decent audio and infotainment systems, including smartphone connectivity apps such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. So make sure you use them to your advantage.
  • Creative Projects: It’s possible to be creative while driving. Travel journals can help kids think of what activities they want to do at their destination, and which landmarks they might want to see. You can use the journal to record your experiences and create mementos. You can also keep your kids busy with craft projects. All you need is the right tools and accessories. You can also buy handy craft kits, as well as chalkboard activity tray and washable window markers.
  • Story telling: Sometimes, communication can be the best entertainment in the car. It’s a great way for children to bond and make time go faster by sharing stories and jokes.

Car activities for toddlers

The problem becomes more difficult when it comes to entertainment for toddlers in the car. As we all know, toddlers from 2 to 5 years old are often full of energy. They will also want to talk and move around a lot and with the law requiring them to be strapped in a car seat, this can cause crankiness. There are many interactive activities that toddlers can enjoy in the car, including I-Spy and One-sentence Add-on Stories. These are just a few other car activities that preschoolers can enjoy:

  • Nursery Rhymes: Use the wrong word in the rhyme to see if your child can recognize it.
  • Habitats: Name an animal to see if your child can identify its home.
  • Rhyming: Your child should say a word, and you must rhyming it.
  • Shapes: Your child should name a shape and name it.

Safety Tips and General Tips

It’s not just about how to entertain your kids when you travel. Make sure you are familiar with the laws in your state regarding child car seats. There are a few other things you can do to make your journey more enjoyable.

  • For storage purposes, prepare a large container for the books, games and activities.
  • Make sure your children have all the audiobooks and games they will need for the trip on their electronic devices before you go. Also, make sure that they are fully charged. Also, don’t forget to bring your chargers.
  • It is also a smart idea to prepare food/drink packets – you can use a large ziplock bag, or a lunchbox to store snacks and juices. Avoid sugary foods as it can cause emotional road trips.

You should also consider safety for your children while on a road trip. Safety driving requires that the driver makes regular stops to rest and stretch their legs. This will prevent you from falling asleep behind the wheel or snoring. Drivers should take a two-hour break. You can share driving responsibilities between stops if possible. Here are some suggestions to help you stay alert.


What is the best way to make pit stops during a long road trip?

According to the highway code, drivers should take at least 15-minute breaks after each two hours of driving. This will not only help you stay alert, but it will also allow your children to expend energy so they are ready for the next leg.

Which SUV is best for families?

The best SUVs for family road trips are the Honda Pilot, Kia Sorento and Toyota Rav4.

My toddler can remain in a car-seat until they reach the age of five.

Automotive safety agencies recommend that children be in a car seat for at least four years. After that, a booster seat should be used. The laws in each State are different, so make sure you know what the law is in your state.

Updated 01/18/22