A Wearable Device for Sleepy Drivers

Over 10 million Americans report that they get behind the wheel each month. A new piece of tech might be able to help you stay on the road and your eyes open if you are one of these people. The Impecca Alert Band is available for $250. It is designed to alert drivers when they are drifting off. Sleepy drivers are responsible for more than 100,000 car accidents each year and can claim up to 6,000 lives.

The Alert Band uses electroencephalography (EEG) to monitor your brain waves. The alert band is placed on your forehead and picks up signals. These signals are sent via Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone (iOS or Android). The accompanying app will sound a loud alarm when your brain signals indicate that you are within minutes of falling asleep. This is your signal to get some sleep. The device doesn’t zap your brain to keep it awake. The device bases its alerts upon a scale from 0 to 100. Zero is wide awake, 100 asleep, and 80+ are considered dangerous to drive.

You can also set the app to notify your family, friends and other members of your social network to call you. This will help you stay awake or get you off the road. Talking on the phone while driving can be dangerous. ChipChick’s Chance Kinney writes that a forehead-worn band may be difficult to sell. The Alert Band might be a lifesaver for truck drivers, taxibies, and other people who drive long or irregular hours.

The device has yet to be reviewed so it is not clear if the device lives up to its promises. However, the idea of it seems good. The Alert Band could be the perfect tool for drivers who believe they can push through fatigue, as I have. It’s expensive, but the risks of driving drowsy can be higher.

Updated 01/24/22