Blind Spot & Forward Collision Warnings

Driver Assistance Technology Overview

Blind Spot Intervention | Driver Assistance Technology

Rear Automatic Braking | Driver Assistance Technology

Lane Keeping Assistance | Driver Assistance Technology

Automatic High Beams | Driver Assistance Technology

Your car’s driver assistance technology will help keep you and your passengers safe. It can also assist pedestrians and other drivers. You may be surprised to find that different manufacturers have different names for different technologies when you shop for a used or new vehicle. The NHTSA helps consumers understand how these technologies work by providing explanations.

It is important to know that certain driver assistance technologies can warn you if there are imminent crashes. Others are designed to prevent a crash. For more information about your vehicle’s safety and technology, make sure you read the owner’s manual. It is important to understand how technology works and how it can protect you, your passengers, and other people.

Updated 01/24/22