California Car Accidents and Health Conditions

California’s traffic congestion requires drivers to be aware of the road, and be able to handle inclement weather and other drivers. Drivers with medical conditions can have difficulty focusing and driving. It is important to understand the drivers’ health and how it may impact driving ability. This could help prevent collisions.


Drivers with medical conditions should be aware that medication can be a major concern. Some medications can cause sleepiness, or cause people to fall asleep for long periods of time. Some side effects can affect cognitive skills. Side effects can also affect motor skills. Side effects can cause impairments in driver’s ability to make correct decisions and determine the best course of action. Drivers may not be able to understand the full extent of side effects, even if those side effects are explained to them by doctors or printed on the box or bottle.

The Driver and Sleep Apnea

California has many drivers who have never visited a doctor to address their sleep disorders. Even if there are symptoms, it is possible that the driver does not have the money or time to see a doctor. Driving in traffic can then become a nightmare. Sleep apnea can cause a person to fall asleep while driving and may result in colliding with other vehicles or obstacles. An individual might have difficulty sleeping and later experience fatigue, drowsiness, and lack of energy. These symptoms can occur while driving, and may cause the individual to fall asleep at the wheel.

General Drowsiness

Although the driver might not be in a serious condition, many people drive while tired. This could be due to medication, or simply feeling unwell from lack of sleep. Insomnia can cause similar symptoms to sleep disorder, such as a person falling asleep randomly during the day. Drowsy driving can lead to accidents or even death for everyone involved. The person should not take medication if it is causes drowsiness, or they should avoid driving until the medication has worn off. If someone has other sleep disorders, they should seek medical attention before driving, to avoid potentially causing danger to others on the road.

Other Conditions

Drivers can suffer from internal problems that may affect their judgment, heart, and cognitive skills. Drivers with impaired depth perception may be more likely to crash into objects. If a person needs glasses, he or she should wear them. Epilepsy, bone and muscle diseases, as well as other health conditions can cause drivers to have to stop or swerve to the side of traffic. These situations can lead to others thinking (and acting as if) the driver as drunk. These situations can lead to collisions, injury and other types of car accidents.

California Roads and The Elderly

Although being older is not considered a medical condition, many elderly people have at least one condition that can affect their driving ability. These could include a variety of perceptive problems such as poor hearing or eyesight, but others may have slower motor skills. For many people over 60, cognitive thinking takes longer. An older person may have reduced response time behind the wheel due to bone deterioration, loss of muscle mass, and the aging of their organs. It is also possible for an older person to drive on the wrong side of the road because they are unable to read street signs.

The Loss Of Consciousness

People with epilepsy or diabetes could lose consciousness when driving. This could lead to the car swinging wildly on the roads. A person who has high blood sugar levels could also pass out if their sugar levels reach dangerously high or low levels. Without assistance, both could be involved in an accident or even die inside the vehicle. These drivers could collide with other vehicles or traffic obstacles, even if they have the right medication.

California Car Accident Lawyer

A lawyer should be involved in any case where a California driver causes an accident on a California road. To recover full compensation from the at-fault driver for the accident, the victim will need to file a claim. The chances of success are higher when you have a lawyer.

Updated 12/2/2021