California Side-Impact Collisions: How a Lawyer Can Help

California’s side-impact collisions can cause serious injuries and property damage that can be catastrophic for everyone involved. It is crucial to be able to determine what to do in such situations and how to proceed without causing further injury or loss of life.

Side-Impact Collision Causes

Side-impact accidents are often caused by a driver not paying attention to the road or failing to show proper courtesy to another driver who should have the right of way. Accidents can also occur when one driver is turning and the other is moving ahead. If in the intersection, the victim of the collision will face an accident on the driver’s side. If the collision occurs closer to the engine, this could result in injury or further property damage. Side-impact collisions can be caused by the driver not paying attention to traffic signals such as stop signs or yield signs.

Types of Injuries From Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact accidents on the driver’s right side can cause chest injuries. These could include puncturing the lungs, stopping the heart, or constricting the muscles and bones. When the vehicle strikes these areas, the lower extremities are often damaged. Concussions and whiplash, as well as head injuries are common after a vehicle has caused severe trauma. If the other side is the impact point, the driver may still sustain forceful trauma to the head or the chest, but the damage is often less severe. Emergency medical assistance is normally needed.

The Deadly Accident

In California, side-impact or T-bone accidents are among the deadliest for the injured parties. These types of collisions account for almost 30 percent of car accidents that result in death. Victims normally need a lawyer to pursue a claim when there is a partial fault on his or her side and mostly fault on the other driver’s side. It is important to contact a lawyer to help the judge or jury determine that the victim of the injuries was less to blame so that there is a better chance of a full compensatory recovery when the case concludes. You may need evidence, witness statements, and other forms of documentation in order to include in the police report.

The Vehicle’s Side-Impact Position

The side that the driver is hitting can have an impact on how much damage or how little. The physical injuries are often less severe if there is no one on the passenger side. However, on the driver’s side, significant damage can occur to property and the body. If the vehicle hits with the front of the car, it can total the one ramming into the other vehicle. Side-impact collisions usually involve the front of the vehicle hitting into the other, causing injury to either the passenger or driver.

Other Important Factors

The risk of a side impact accident is often increased by factors like the victim’s age, the health of the driver hitting the victim, and other factors such as the weather or visibility. Injuries can be exacerbated by the inability to use safety belts or if the driver presses the accelerator after an impact. Even with slow speeds, injuries to drivers under four years old are usually the most serious. Children aged five to fifteen years old can also sustain serious injuries, regardless of where the other vehicle is.

If the victim is in poor health or has difficulty hearing or seeing, chances of being hit by another driver are higher. The victim who does not use a seatbelt can increase the risk of getting hurt or even lose their life. If the vehicle’s safety measures are not being used, it is important to seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Both drivers may be subject to the same injuries and complications if the weather increases the likelihood of a collision. California’s at-fault factor could be complicated by this.

For Side-Impact Collisions, it is worth hiring a California Traffic Accident Lawyer

A lawyer is needed to represent the injured party if another driver causes injury by colliding with their car. This person can be supported throughout the entire process of a claim.

Updated 12/2/2021