Commercial Truck Accidents: Relevant Factors and How They Can Affect Your Case

Truck accidents can be devastating for everyone involved. They may also increase the chance of death or serious injury to the passenger or driver of the truck. These factors are crucial and can influence the outcome of your claim.

Commercial truck accidents are different from other types of accidents. The regulations that truck drivers must adhere to are one of them. The agency also purchases extensive insurance for every driver of a commercial truck. The state may decide that the other driver is responsible for the collision. This could mean that they are not eligible to receive compensation. These incidents can lead to the plaintiff wanting to settle outside of court. This is because they have a greater chance of losing their claim against the insurance carrier or agency. To negotiate a settlement, the plaintiff should hire a lawyer.

Federal and State Regulations – Standards for conduct

Federal and state regulations require truckers to adhere to a set of conduct standards. This includes how heavy the truck can carry and how long they may drive on the road. To be held liable in a commercial trucking accident, the defendant must usually violate these federal or state statutes. These cases are often where the settlement or civil lawsuit will not allow the plaintiff to obtain more than the policy limit. The chances of the plaintiff winning a lawsuit decreases if the trucker follows higher standards.

Multiple Defendants and Plaintiffs in the Case

Multiple victims and defendants are common in truck accident cases. It depends on the circumstances of the accident, such as whether more people were injured in the collision. These cases usually result in one plaintiff per injury. One may attack the truck manufacturer or tire manufacturer together, while others might sue the trucking company. It is possible to resolve the matter without court with multiple victims, but it becomes more difficult when the damages owed rise due to the negligence of the driver or other entity that caused the damage.

Multiple defendants could mean that multiple plaintiffs may be part of the same case. A single victim may attempt to sue multiple defendants. While the truck driver may be responsible for the accident, another party, such as the manufacturer or supplier of the ropes that hold the gear together, could also have some responsibility. In some cases, both the victim and the driver may be held responsible. The driver’s agency could also be culpable if they cut corners.

Commercial Accident Settlement

If the victim of an accident cannot pursue the case in court due to lack of evidence, they may try to settle the matter outside the courts. If the defendant has many or powerful lawyers, the plaintiff might be willing to settle the matter without pursuing a lawsuit. Sometimes the victim has enough evidence to settle the case. These cases may be where the victim is not able to provide enough evidence and the defendant wants to settle the matter for a greater amount.

Lawyers will use the injuries sustained in an accident to help them calculate the amount they should settle outside of court. Negotiations can be a good way to avoid additional costs and legal fees. This reduces the time it takes to file civil claims and may help the person get the money quicker. This will prevent further complications and may help the victim move forward from the accident quicker. The victim can now move on to therapy and recovery to find work if he/she has lost their job during hospitalization. The victim could receive up to $250,000 depending on the extent of the injuries.

Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer

After the victim has had enough time to recover, they may file a lawsuit against the trucker. These cases may call for additional evidence from the plaintiff to increase the chances of winning against the trucking company or insurance agency.


Updated 01/18/22