Damages in Motorcycle Accidents

When the plaintiff can succeed in his or her litigation claim against the other driver, a motorcycle accident case can result in damages being recovered. These damages include things that are not directly related to the accident, such as lost work or other impairments.

If a motorcycle driver is involved in an accident such as a collision, or any other type of accident, they must hire a lawyer to seek damages. The primary reasons for seeking legal recourse against the person responsible for the accident are property damage and injury. Because a passenger or commercial vehicle is larger and heavier than a motorcycle, the wreck usually results in extensive or complete damage to the bike along with serious or grave injuries on the person driving.  Without compensation, the bills and future recovery can often be crippling.

Types of Damages to Seek

A victim of a collision may be entitled to damages depending on the circumstances. The victim may be able to get medical bills or insurance company repaid, as well as therapy for future recovery and medication. A portion of the lost wages may be recovered if the person is unable or unwilling to work. For the total or partial destruction of a motorcycle, property damage compensation may be available. Legal experts will calculate a percentage based on the extent of the suffering and injuries. A judge may add punitive damages to any other compensation if he or she feels that the driver deserves additional punishment.

The Medical Treatment

A victim who has been injured in a motorcycle accident may need extensive surgery. Therapy to rework the bones and muscles, and ongoing medical care to ensure a speedy recovery. Persons who sustain neck, back, or head injuries could also be affected by amnesia, paralysis, and impairments in motor skills and cognition. Without sufficient insurance coverage, it is difficult to get compensation for medical treatment. Without financial assistance, the victim will not be able to fully recover from his or her injuries.

Loss of Wages Explained

The victim may only have the ability to get better during the recovery process. This could mean that the victim will need to spend time in the hospital for either physical therapy or surgery. The person cannot work during these times. The person may not have any other insurance to cover the loss of wages. This person could lose their job if there is an accident on the road or in traffic. A portion of the wages lost may be recouped through damages.

Property Damage

The bike is often damaged enough to cause total loss. The victim can seek reconstruction, repairs, or a new bicycle to receive sufficient compensation to replace the damaged vehicle. This is crucial for anyone who needs therapy or treatment. The rider who sustained property damage may be able to return to work once his or her physical injuries have healed and therapy has ended. The insurance company may pay for the repairs or replacement with repayment from the defendant when the plaintiff wins the case.

Pain and Suffering

A calculation of damages for accidents that cause pain and suffering is common. The lawyer hired to seek damages may need to determine the fair and reasonable amount based on pain, injuries, loss of limb or motor function and property damage. The incident may cause pain and suffering, as well as emotional and psychological damage. Depending on the circumstances of the case, the judge might award a higher amount.

Seeking Damages through a Lawyer

The victim of a motorcycle accident should hire a lawyer to increase his or her chances at obtaining compensation. While most damages will cover the cost of treatment, medication, and property damage, there are other awards that can be used to compensate for lost work or increase your chances of recovering.

Updated 1/07/2022