Distracted Walking Can Lead to Liability for Injuries

Distracted walking is when someone is not paying attention to the the road, traffic, or is only paying attention to their phone. This can cause an accident for pedestrians. In some states, this person will be held 100% responsible for the accident and will be liable for damages to the victim.

The Actual Distractions

A person may focus on their phone while walking near traffic, or listen to music through headphones which can mask traffic sounds and other sounds that are important to listen out for: cyclists’ bells, honking their horns, and more. He or she might not be able to see other important things, such as crosswalk signs and traffic lights, if they are only focused on their phone or device. These distractions can lead to a dangerous wreck.

Collision and Distracted Walking

A collision can be caused by someone who only looks at the device and not the traffic. This person could walk out into traffic, cross when the sign says not to or cause a wreck with bikers or bicycle riders. Drivers may also become distracted by the person who is not paying attention; this can lead to a collision with another object or person, to injury, property damage, or death. Multiple insurance companies may be involved in this situation, which can require settlements for the injured.

How Distractions Affect Traffic

Generally, distracted walkers that are on the side of the road and stay there are not much of a concern for drivers. However, this is not often how distracted walkers remain. These people will often cross the street, run into other vehicles or pedestrians and even cause bicyclists to crash. A pedestrian entering traffic could cause an accident, result in the death of this person, or create a bigger disaster for all involved. Because the pedestrian was distracted, it is possible for property damage, injury or death.

Technology Ban

Many states ban the use of technology by drivers on roads. Distracted walking is a crime in some states. They require pedestrians and those who are on the side of the road to keep their electronics from their faces. If this person is anywhere near traffic, the laws are in place to protect drivers from these pedestrians and the distracted walker from suffering more severe injury because he or she is not paying attention to the immediate dangers in the vicinity. The ban on technology is relatively new in the 2010s, and the impact may take some years before it is clear if it helps.

The Seriousness of Distracted Walking

Through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, and reviews of these issues, we can understand the gravity of distracted walkers. Over 70,000 pedestrians have been killed in collisions involving commercial and passenger vehicles since 2012. This number is increasing in some states. Because they don’t pay attention to their surroundings, pedestrians who aren’t looking at traffic are more likely to sustain injuries. This problem is so prevalent in certain cities that it has been banned to text while walking. This ban is vital to avoid more pedestrian deaths.

The Standard Risks of Distracted Walking

Distracted walking poses a number of risks. These can lead to injury to anyone, including a passenger, driver, biker, cyclist rider, and pedestrians. Normal injuries include strains of the muscles, strains, and sprains. Concussions, cuts and bruises are possible. Brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and even death are some of the more serious accidents. There are thousands of distracted pedestrians each year that cause accidents. It is crucial to have a lawyer to file a lawsuit if one of these people causes serious injury.

Legal Support Against the Distracted Walker

A lawyer should be hired by anyone who is injured when a distracted walker causes an accident. Video surveillance, witness testimony, and other evidence could be used to prove the pedestrian was distracted walking.

Updated 12/7/2021