Doctors can’t explain the 10% of whiplash patients who suffer long-lasting neck pain.

Whiplash occurs when a car is struck unexpectedly from behind by another vehicle. While most whiplash injuries heal quickly, about 10% of patients experience lasting pain. Half the time, this pain makes it impossible to work or live a normal life. The journal Archives of Neurology published two editorials that show how experts differ in their understanding of chronic whiplash syndrome and the way they treat patients.

In their commentary, Robert Teasell, MD and Nikolai Bogduk PhD write that whiplash symptoms are caused by an international, translingual conspiracy. They argue that whiplash sufferers who experience severe neck and head pain for more than one year after an injury are suffering from something physical.

Bogduk, an Australian researcher, has done several studies on chronic whiplash patients. He found that at least half of the pain is caused by specific nerves in the neck. It is possible to inject painkiller into the affected joint to determine if it causes the pain. The patient can opt to have the nerve permanently killed if it does. This is the only medically supported treatment for chronic whiplash syndrome. Bogduk and Teasell acknowledge that chronic neck pain can cause more psychological symptoms than others, but say this is a result of the pain.

According to Henry Berry, MD, a University of Toronto neurologist, the opposite is true. Berry claims that doctors don’t understand chronic whiplash syndrome because they focus on only the physical symptoms. It is almost all about a person’s mental state.

Berry told WebMD that there are many doctors who believe that if a patient presents with a disorder, it is a sign of something wrong. They take every symptom literally. You can see that symptoms can be caused either by stress in life or by psychiatric disorders. This makes it more difficult for doctors to do their job. Some patients are unhappy because they hear that you don’t know what is wrong.

Both sides are determined to relieve chronic neck pain. However, their approaches differ. Bogduk and Teasell both recommend the neck injection. Berry, however, believes that more extensive medical tests will only make the problem worse. He says, “[The diagnosis you receive depends] on which specialist you refer patients to.” If you take these symptoms seriously, you can go on to further investigations that will address the problem.

Berry, a senior neurologist at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, believes it is crucial to inform whiplash patients that their pain will soon subside. Berry believes it is important to prevent a person falling into the permanent patient role. He recommends that people not receive more than two weeks’ worth of physical therapy, and that they return to work as soon possible. He warns that if a person is stressed, they may subconsciously realize the illness ‘role is better than their own life.

Dr. Michael D. Freeman is a trauma expert and believes Berry is wrong. WebMD is told by him that whiplash cannot be considered a physical condition if it’s not supported by medical literature. “The myth that whiplash is a psychological disorder is unsupported scientifically.

Berry conducted a study on demolition-derby drivers, and found that none of them had ever suffered from chronic neck pain despite having sustained an average of 1,600 whiplash injury over their lifetime. Berry also pointed out that in court cases, far less plaintiffs than defendants have chronic pain.

Freeman says that the demolition-derby study has nothing to do the actual circumstances in which car accidents happen. He also says that being hit from behind and completely unprepared is very different to being in the vehicle that hits another. He says he will soon publish a study that shows that 45 percent of those suffering from chronic neck pain were hurt in a motor vehicle accident. He says that 6 million Americans are hurt in car accidents every year. 3 million of these whiplash injuries are caused by whiplash. Are you kidding me? Freeman is an assistant professor at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine.

Berry doesn’t use the term crazy but he insists that all this pain is not real. He says, “It might be severe pain but if you look at the things these people can do in life you may discover there is a disproportion.” They are very active and capable of doing many other things than work.

Important Information

Whiplash, a neck injury, is most common in drivers who are hit from behind. 10% of these injuries can cause permanent pain.

According to some doctors, whiplash can be attributed to certain nerves in the neck joint.

Others believe whiplash is caused by a combination psychological and physical factors. They recommend that doctors try to prevent whiplash sufferers becoming “chronic patients.”

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Every year, more than 5,000 people are killed and 133,000 are injured in truck accidents. Truck accidents are often serious because a commercial truck (large freight carrier, eighteen-wheeler) weighs 25 times more than an average car. Truck accidents pose unique risks that can be made worse by the truck contents. If hazardous, flammable or toxic substances are found in a truck, secondary injuries can occur, including burns and respiratory injury. Truck drivers are statistically more safe than automobile drivers. However, many commercial drivers still drive unsafely.

Trucking accidents can be caused by many factors. Unfortunately, the trucking industry doesn’t always promote safe operation. Some drivers are not given the training they need to operate such a large truck. Others are given long hours to keep their eyes open and encouraged to do so. Sometimes, other motorists may be negligent and cause a truck-truck collision. Truck accidents are most often caused by:

*The driver is impaired by drugs or alcohol

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*Violations safety regulations

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New tractor trailer laws implemented by The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) in 2003 allow drivers to drive 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off-duty. Drivers are not allowed to drive past the 14th hour, after having been on duty for 10 hours.

Similar to existing rules, tractor trailer drivers may not drive after being on-duty for 60 hours in a seven-consecutive-day period or 70 hours in an eight-consecutive-day period. Drivers who have taken at least 34 hours off-duty consecutively may restart the cycle.

A tractor trailer accident lawyer can often win a lawsuit on behalf of the victim or their / their survivors if they are able to show that such regulations were violated, or adhered to negligently.

Uber and Lyft

In the U.S., calling for an Uber/Lyft driver has become more popular. It’s convenient and easy and many city dwellers love having an alternative to the traditional taxi.

However, this industry is not without its dark sides. Uber was sued by a woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted and abused by her driver in April 2019. Police reported in May 2019 that Lyft driver had been accused of sexually assaulting two passengers at separate stops during the same trip.

Both companies have made steps to make their public statements, but it remains unclear what they will do about sexual harassment and assault.

Uber Drivers Assault and Abuse More Than 100 Victims

An CNN report published about a year ago showed that 103 Uber drivers, and 18 Lyft drivers were accused of sexual assault or abuse in the past four years. At least 31 drivers were convicted of related crimes that range from forcible touching and rape.

This data was not made public by ride-sharing companies. CNN investigators found this information after looking at police reports, court records and court databases for 20 cities in the United States. Uber acknowledged the problem. Uber introduced new safety features last year, including an in-app 911 button. Uber also promised to make driver screenings more rigorous, including an annual background check.

The Business Insider reported in June 2019 that Baltimore police were investigating claims that an Uber driver had raped a 25-year old passenger. The New York Times reported in May 2019 that an Uber driver from Pittsburgh was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and trying to lock two female passengers inside his vehicle.

A ride-share driver for Uber and Lyft, aged 34, was charged with rape. He was also suspected of having committed at least five sexual assaults as he drove for both companies.

It is not just riders that are at risk.

Drivers of Uber and Lyft also at risk for sexual Harassment or Assault

Bloomberg reported that a male Uber driver in Maine was frequently subject to sexual harassment by other passengers a few months back. She claimed she had to fight off one male passenger who tried to kiss her and grab her while she was driving. Another passenger sat in front of her and began talking about “sexual stuff” until she dropped him at his home.

She reported that over 100 of the thousand rides she took for Uber and Lyft had resulted in inappropriate advances or uncomfortable encounters.

Since its creation in 2016, a private Facebook group for female drivers of ride-sharing vehicles has seen over 10,000 members. Drivers often share their stories of harassment and assault.

Both ride-sharing companies have pledged to make safety for passengers and drivers a top priority. However, currently drivers do not receive formal sexual harassment training, and there is little data available about the frequency of sexual harassment or assaults while riding on ridesharing platforms.


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