Is Compensation Available To Family For Electric Shock Accidents?

Updated 11/19/2021

Electric shock can cause various types of injuries, including electrical damage to the body or burns to the area that received the shock. A lawyer can help the victim of the injuries and anyone who has suffered from any subsequent harm or effects from the shock.

The Accident

The person who dies from an electrical shock must have enough continuous electricity flowing through their bodies that it short circuits the body or burn out any organs. Although the initial injuries may not be sufficient to cause death, if the shock causes overload or damage to the body’s ability to absorb the large amount of electricity, it can lead the person into a state of permanent paralysis. The accident usually involves some type of live wire, exposure to dangerous amounts of electricity, and the touching of the skin to the affected area. This type of accident can be intentional or caused by negligence.

Negligence or Electric Shock

Working near electricity can cause serious injuries. A person who works in a house may also be liable for harming the homeowner or anyone else living on the property. In these cases, negligence could lead to a wrongful-death lawsuit, in which the insured carrier or professional is held responsible for any settlement that would pay the survivor’s damages and compensation.

There are some damages

A wrongful death suit is usually filed if the victim dies of electric shock. A funeral and any related expenses will generally be covered by some damages. The primary concern is the loss of income for the deceased. The damages for compensation may include the loss of income that the deceased was earning to support a household or family. It can also include calculating how much the person could have earned in the rest of their lives if they were promoted or to receive higher pay.

Other potential damages

Other damages may be possible depending on the cause of death. The estate representative or the family members who survived the death can sue the employer or company for the wrongful death. Insurance companies and businesses usually pay the amount for lost income, loss of living standard, funeral expenses, therapy, and other costs. To get through the shock and to help the family deal with the trauma, they may require therapy. You may be eligible for damages to help you with your current or future medical costs.

Damage Calculations

Calculations in a wrongful-death claim are based on the person’s life expectancy. The average life expectancy of the deceased person is used to calculate how much money they could make in the same industry. This includes the days off, sick days, and any other factors that could affect this figure. Funeral costs and medical expenses may be incurred for the loss of life. These costs will be added to by the lawyer who is representing you.

These situations include pecuniary awards. The calculations will also include loss of support, inheritance prospects and services provided by the person. These could include household chores, duties, transportation, and what the person would do to an account or portfolio to inherit with the children or spouse. To determine the amount of compensation that could be awarded to the surviving family, the lawyer adds these amounts together.

Electric Shock Legal Support

A lawyer will be needed by the surviving family to determine the appropriate and reasonable amount for damages in order to compensate the victim of electric shock. The lawyer will help the court to understand the details and determine what compensation is appropriate and what should be transferred to the family.