How Is Back Pain Delayed After A Car Accident?

How Is Back Pain Delayed After A Car Accident Most of the damage in a car accident can occur in a matter of seconds, when one vehicle impacts another. This is the moment when your body jerks around and hits hard surfaces or gets impacted by broken vehicle parts. It is not unusual for injuries to be apparent in hours or even days. This can cause confusion and some people skip going to a chiropractor after a car accident. But, delayed pain is just as important as immediate pain. It can indicate serious problems that need to be addressed.

Why pain may be delayed

A car accident can cause you to feel very scared. Even if you’re fine, the experience can cause you to shake up and make you feel anxious. Our bodies are programmed to respond to anxiety and fear. We go into fight or flight mode when we feel the need to run away or face the problem. The adrenaline hormone, which provides a temporary energy boost, may mask negative emotions, or other physical feelings such as neck pain, or any other type of pain. You may feel the pain later from your injury as adrenaline rushes through your body after an accident.

Sometimes, severe injuries can cause shock to your body. Your body might shut down some nerve receptors to compensate for the damage. This will allow you to continue your daily activities without experiencing pain. Emotional shock can also occur, when you become so consumed with taking care of other injuries, assessing your vehicle, and dealing with insurance that other pain points may not even cross your mind.

These phenomena will eventually wear down and you will feel the effects. They may have become worse if you don’t know how to treat them. Or you might be tempted to ignore them. However, it is crucial to get them checked immediately to avoid long-term effects.

Common Back Injuries After Car Accidents

There are many causes of back pain following an accident. These injuries can vary depending on the severity of the accident. While some people may feel generalized pain from a strain or sprain that is associated with abnormal movement, the majority of injuries reported are nerve damage and pinched or herniated discs. Neck pain and back pain are often linked.

Car accident chiropractors see many common back injuries such as whiplash, disc damage, disc herniation, disc damage, soft tissues injuries, lumbar strains, and sprains. Sometimes, an accident can also cause spinal stenosis or facet joint disease. This condition can lead to chronic pain.

Your level of pain can indicate the severity of your back injury. Pinched nerves can cause tingling or numbness in the extremities and back. If not treated, these nerves can cause loss of feeling and interfere with body-brain communication. Lower back pain is usually a sign of disc damage. To facilitate movement, these cushiony discs are located between the vertebrae. If they become damaged or misshapen, it can make it difficult to carry out daily activities.

Injuries to the back can cause more severe injuries in the future. The spine is an integral part of all body processes. It is crucial to keep your spine healthy and be proactive.

Looking for Care for a Delayed Injury

It is best to consult a chiropractor right away after an accident. You may not feel pain if you have delayed symptoms. Getting checked quickly can allow a doctor to make early decisions to minimize your recovery time and prevent any problems from becoming chronic. If you are experiencing symptoms and have not seen a doctor yet, it’s never too late. A chiropractor can assess the extent of any damage to your back and create a plan that is appropriate for your case.

Our chiropractors at AICA Atlanta specialize in treating people who have been involved in car accidents. We understand your back pain. Our team will evaluate your injury and create the best plan of action for your recovery. Call us today for a path to pain-free living, no matter what the date of your accident.

Updated 01/18/22