How Your Cell Phone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Drivers often have their cellphones with them while driving from one location to the next. Accidents and injuries can occur when drivers look at their phones, text, or do other similar acts. These devices can make it so that a person is constantly looking at their phone, even if the phone has not rung or sent any incoming messages.

Invariably, this lack of attention can cause anything from minor fender benders to severe cases of traffic fatalities. Even simply talking on the phone regularly distracts drivers enough to cause accidents and injury.

The everyday use of smartphones has resulted in their use inside of  vehicles when people are sitting in traffic or even driving.  There are many ways smartphones can hinder the operation of automobiles, but the most important thing is the inattention they cause in drivers. The driver on their cellphone can easily get into a collision with another driver due to their main focus being on their phones. Even minor accidents can be caused by distractions from cellphones. This could include causing minor property damage, hitting an object on the road that may cause damage to the vehicle, or other similar situations.

Technology’s Widespread Use

Technology has been used almost everywhere since the explosion of use of cellphones and other electronic devices that began shortly after 2000. Most consumers wanted the latest and greatest technology in their phones as those phones evolved from basic to smart. It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t have even the most basic cell phone. Occasional cell phone usage for calls and simple texts has turned into using phones for social media, watching videos, and listening to music. What was once a close friend has become a bad friend or worst enemy.

Many people don’t leave their house without their smartphones. Many people feel the need for their phones while watching movies, eating dinner and while driving. This technology is a major reason that people driving on roads cause injuries to others, property damage, and death. Accidents can occur because of the time taken to glance at the phone, then look back at the road. The more attention taken away from the road, the more severe the consequences could occur.

Driving Without Paying Attention

The driver may become partially or completely unaware of the surrounding environment in the time it takes to be distracted by a phone. Many actions can occur in those crucial seconds. Other drivers may have stopped or slowed down for different reasons. Objects may have been pushed onto the road. Road construction may have begun.

Drivers who pay little or no attention to the road can cause injury to others. While a single collision can cause minor to serious injury, multiple collisions increase the risk of death. Financial ruin and long-term penalties can result from harsh and expensive court cases. The responsibility of causing death can be a heavy burden on the responsible party. As the person who caused death is no longer living, there is no way to compensate.

Other Consequences of Accidents Involving Cell Phones

A claim against the responsible party could be made if there is injury or property damage caused by the use of a cellphone while driving. The actions of the driver of the vehicle could result in medical bills, pain, suffering, income loss, and other monetary payouts. The person responsible for causing harm to others in their car may also be liable for any damages owed to others. This could result in the loss of friendships or social standing within a community. Other crimes may also be attached to this offense and could result in additional penalties such as prison terms or jail sentences, fines, or both. Additional punishments or compensation may be necessary for those who are injured according to state and local laws.

Updated 12/8/21