Inadequate Road Signage Contributed to Accident – Can I Sue the City or State?

Road construction and deterioration often affects drivers to the point that a car crash occurs, and the damage may be significant or include bodily harm which requires medical treatment. Individuals who are not given adequate warnings or signs about road construction or other road issues may be able to sue local governments or companies responsible for the resolution of the matter.

There are projects that can be initiated by local municipalities or the state when roads, highways, and interstate routes need to be built because of road construction complications or concrete degrading. These situations lead to warning signs, workers around the road with signs or detours to make sure drivers are aware of any issues or alternative routes. The motorist could face penalties or fines for driving too fast in these areas or breaking road rules. However, the state or municipality must ensure that drivers are aware of the best routes to avoid accidents and follow the correct procedures.

There are many places where signs and warnings for drivers are not provided when a construction project isn’t maintained in a proper manner. If the employees of the government who were involved in road construction are found to be negligent, it is possible to sue them. Accidents could result from roads not being maintained with proper signs or warnings. Collisions can result in injuries, property damage, and even death. Medical treatment could be required at that point. It could result in thousands of dollars in medical bills. For legal assistance, it is important that you contact a lawyer.

Roadway Damage

Road construction is a constant task. Potholes, areas in the street that have been eroded and can sink tires or other parts of the vehicle into the road, are dangerous for vehicles that cross over them. Potholes can cause damage to tires or the body of the vehicle. Guardrail damage, missing lines in medians, lanes with no lines, curves that require adjustments, traffic signal problems, vegetation that is overgrown and obstructing view of warning signs, and other defects could all be considered defective roadway issues. These issues can be resolved by employees putting signs up at work until the problem is solved.

Possible Collisions Due to Damage

Vehicles on the road can be damaged if merging lanes are not straight or the roads have poor grading. A person could be hurt or cause injury to another person if they drive their car onto an uneven surface. The most dangerous situation is one that has a construction zone not clearly explained or an obscured warning sign. Drivers who are unaware of road construction may not know to slow down or stop. Some areas may have an increased shoulder or a shoulder that has been removed altogether. These situations could lead to injury or a collision.

What is the Claim Process?

A claim against an agency, company or person can be filed if there has been injury or damage caused by poor signage. When construction is required on the road, the city or state has a duty to its drivers. These projects are usually handled by the state’s Department of Transportation. Construction usually involves certain standards, procedures, and signs for drivers. This helps to prevent road accidents and reduces liability. If these guidelines aren’t followed, however, passengers or drivers may still be able to file a claim.

If the road becomes unsafe during construction or if the city fails to provide the necessary signs, it’s possible to contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit to recover property damage and/or physical injury. When the road is constructed extensively, defects can be very serious. This usually leads to the hiring of a lawyer and the initiation of a civil lawsuit. The victim could be awarded compensation by the local, state or municipal government agency that was responsible for the construction project if they are negligent. It is important to collect as much evidence and speak with a lawyer before you take any action.

Updated 12/2/2021