Injured by a Negligent Bus Driver – Do I Have Legal Options?

Accidents involving larger vehicles can often be very serious and leave passengers with severe injuries. During this time, expenses mount up. It is important to understand if the victim can seek a legal remedy for this situation to make sure that the accident does not result in permanent disability. This will allow the victim to be able to live a more fulfilling life.

What is Negligence?

A driver of a vehicle that has passengers must be involved in or directly responsible for an accident. This means that he or she must have done something wrong while traveling in larger vehicles such as buses. Negligence is usually caused by a lack safety protocols, not doing what is necessary, or poor judgements behind the wheel. Negligent actions such as drinking, using drugs or making poor decisions while driving can lead to an accident. Sometimes, a bus driver may pass a vehicle and then collide with another. These accidents can lead to the driver being held responsible or the company hiring him/her.

Bus Accident Injuries

A negligence case must suffer sufficient injury, pain, suffering, or trauma to be considered valid. The injuries to the body can generally be observed and documented in a doctor’s reports. A therapist may be required to help with emotional or psychological distress and trauma. Most injuries that cause injury to the body include pain and suffering. Others may have additional issues. Other injuries can cause additional problems, such as reduced work capacity while recovering from surgery, a decrease in quality of life, and other adverse reactions.

Gathering evidence of negligence

It is essential to gather all evidence necessary to support a claim for negligence for personal injury against a bus driver. Understanding what negligence means and whether it was involved in the accident is crucial. There should be better safety protocols in place to prevent passengers from being injured. The driver could remove safety belts from the seats, or clean the nonskid floor so that shoes don’t slip on it, to strengthen the claim.

The negligence claim may also have additional issues that could protect the driver, even if he or she was negligent in causing or helping to cause the accident. The driver may be held responsible for the damages if the claim is proven. However, the company that hired the driver could also be held responsible. There are additional factors to consider in this case. Another issue that the individual might need to prove is a lack in training, failure to implement safety measures on the bus, or defective equipment. A driver’s judgment may also indicate a lack in understanding how to navigate certain traffic situations.

Initiating a Claim or Settlement

If the injured party has enough evidence to file a claim against the driver or company, or wants to settle the matter without going to court, they may be able pursue legal remedies. The coverage for the bus driver is usually provided by the insurance company as well as the charter or other organization that hired him. This could lead to a lawsuit against the carrier, which may protect the bus operator or company. If the victim doesn’t want to fight an insurance company, they may try to settle the matter through negotiations. This can often be achieved through negotiations or other processes such as mediation.

A Lawyer is Required for Bus Negligent Accidents

The victim may choose to use arbitration, mediation or litigation. However, they will need to first communicate with and consult a lawyer about the matter. The lawyer may be able to provide information about the various options. Next, the plaintiff will need to decide which option is best for him. If you are unable to settle without the courts, litigation may not be the best option. Mediation is possible if both sides are open to negotiation and dialogue.

It is common to hire a lawyer before you seek legal recourse for compensation for injuries sustained by the bus driver. The lawyer will help the client understand and protect them during negotiations. Even if mediation is used, the legal professional will seek out the highest amount of compensation in awards.

Updated 01/18/22