Injured in a Truck Accident – How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Trucking accidents can cause serious injuries and property damage due to the sheer size, weight, and length of the truck. Truck collisions can cause serious injuries to everyone involved.

Truck Accidents: The Dangers

When it becomes clear that an insurance company is not willing to settle the case fairly or the matter goes to court, lawyers are involved in accidents. The dangers of being in an accident with a truck are often more severe. Even though the truck is large, but not commercial, it can still transport boxes, equipment, or rocks or sand in its bed. Some are heavier than others, even with no other passengers. Trucks can take up more space on the road, make it harder to pass or turn and may cause accidents due to a flat tire.

Fault in an Accident

The best way to determine who is at fault and what percentage of responsibility lies with the injured party is by consulting a lawyer. If the plaintiff is partially responsible for the accident, there are some states that will either reduce or eliminate compensation. Other states will reduce compensation amounts according to the driver’s percentage of fault. If it is less than 50 percent, no compensation will be possible. An expert witness may be hired by the lawyer to help determine the percentage of fault, based on the facts of the case.

Responsible Parties Understood

It is possible to determine who was at fault for the accident and who is responsible to pay damages. Legal support is available to help you. If the victim shares the blame, certain rules such as comparative fault and comparative negligence may apply. This could reduce the amount of damages that are available to him or her. Even in such cases, however, the insurance company of the victim must usually pay some damages depending on who was responsible for the accident and any subsequent injuries. There are additional factors that can increase the responsibility of those involved in an accident, such as the seller, distributor, or manufacturer of the vehicle and the city during construction.

Additional Factors that may be involved in an accident

This could affect how you proceed if the accident was caused by a defect in the vehicle or part of the defendant. If the seller of one car knew that there was a defective part or system, he or she could be held responsible for the accident. The seller of the vehicle may also be responsible if the distributor transferred it to the seller. It is possible that the vehicle was previously owned, but the seller did not know about them.

A Personal Injury Case

A claim may be filed if a victim of a truck accident is injured or suffers other damages. The process is usually initiated by the insurance companies who fight the other parties in court. The plaintiff must prove the case by providing evidence and witness statements to show that the other driver caused the accident. It is possible to make sure that the judge or jury fully understands the case by having legal representation throughout.

Depending on who is responsible, the plaintiff may need to file a claim against the insurance company or the employer of the driver. Each type of claim may require a different approach. The evidence of personal injury is crucial. This includes police reports, the scene and actual injuries. Eyewitness testimony is a powerful way to corroborate traffic and dash cams. Experts can also test the evidence to strengthen a claim.

Truck Accident Legal Assistance

An attorney hired to investigate a truck accident case will often immediately determine who is at fault and who is responsible for the damages. The legal professional will usually use all available evidence in court to support the claim and increase its strength. This increases the likelihood that the judge and jury panels are informed.


Updated 01/18/22