Insurance Facts Surrounding Hit and Run Accidents

Updated 11/30/2021

In the United States, hit-and-run accidents are rare. Insurance companies may not have an insurance policy that covers hit-and-run accidents. This is because they may not be able to provide any assistance for victims. These events can become more complicated because of this.

Without legal representation, a settlement for damages might not be possible or immediately available. It is essential to have insurance coverage in these cases of crime to ensure that medical treatment can be provided. If the victim is left with serious injuries, financial ruin could result.

Americans are more likely to be unaware of the reality of hit-and-run accidents than they realize. According to the Insurance Information Institute, about 10% of all automobile accidents involve hit-and-run incidents. These situations are often complicated and can cause frustration for those involved with insurance as well as medical complexities during treatment and recovery. Many people may find it difficult to obtain insurance coverage for hit-and-run accidents. A lawyer may be required in some cases to ensure that a settlement is reached, distributed, and paid to the victim.

Insurance Facts for Hit and Run Incidents

Uninsured motorist coverage is useful when the victim is injured in a hit-and-run incident. These policies may provide coverage for damages that are not covered by insurance. When the victim is harmed, these policies can allow them to seek compensation. The policy may cover bodily injury to a passenger or driver, as well as property damage to the vehicle. In certain states, it may be necessary to purchase underinsured motorist policies if the uninsured motorist coverage is insufficient to cover all damages.

Many times, insurance does not cover the cost of the accident. Even if the minimum state requirement has been met, insurance may not cover individual injuries or property damage. For severe cases, policies may not provide enough coverage to cover medical expenses and other expenses. Other times, the victim may not have had enough coverage before the accident. The victim may not be able to fully recover from the accident. In these cases, additional action may be required.

It is vital to collect evidence

When complicated situations like hit-and-run accidents occur, it is best to contact a lawyer. These people assist with gathering evidence and sharing information with the victim. To be successful in a case, it must be proved that the accident was caused by an unidentified driver. It must be possible to conduct a reasonable investigation into the circumstances of the incident and determine if the driver responsible for the accident was insured. In these cases, the last thing that must be proved is that the injury was caused by the collision with the hit-and-run driver.

Time Limits for Hit and Run Accidents

There is a time limit for many crimes that inflict injuries on victims. This time limit applies to hit-and-run accidents. It is usually two years from the date of the incident. If the victim waits or procrastinates filing a claim for damages, they may lose time in seeking compensation. Even though it may take some time to locate the right lawyer for your case, you must initiate the process before the two-year deadline expires. To determine if the time frame is different depending on the state in which the accident occurred, contact this legal representative immediately.

Victims pay for damages

If a claim is unsuccessful and no other options are available, the victim may be the main source of payment for property damage or medical treatment. A lawyer should discuss all legal options with you. However, in many cases these victims are left with no other option. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help you find a way to get compensation.