Key Points to Know about Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be very serious due to the cargo and size of trucks. The property and personal injuries that can result from a truck accident or the falling of items on the road may be severe.

Sometimes, the force of these trucks colliding with other vehicles can cause bruising and whiplash. Larger trucks are often responsible for fatalities, which leads to survivors bringing lawsuits against the drivers. This is usually done by a lawyer.

Sometimes, the trauma of an accident with a truck can be crippling. The victim may require therapy to make a full recovery and be able to drive again on the highway or road. Because the accident is so severe, both time and energy are required to heal. It is important to take what happens after the wreck seriously and be cautious. To ensure that any claim is legitimate and without opposition, certain actions must be taken.

Trucking Companies Destroy or Alter Records

Companies often destroy records when they no longer require the information or paperwork. This is only legal if the documents are required by a lawsuit against the company. It is important to get help from a lawyer in order to preserve these documents for evidence in any case. This will ensure that any information required for any claim is not lost.

Logs may be used to indicate driver fatigue or sleepiness. The accident could also be explained if the truck operator was driving for an inordinate amount of time consecutively. These trucks are equipped with hardware that records all details. These files can be used as evidence if fault is proven. It is important to gather all relevant information in order to strengthen any potential claims. To ensure that evidence is not lost or altered, all procedures including obtaining records must be done quickly.

Trucking Insurance Companies Offer Low Settlements

Trucking companies hire insurance agencies to protect their interests by offering settlement claims that are lower than what is typically sufficient to cover the accident. These offers often offer a lower amount than the actual damages and injuries sustained. In these cases, the initial offer of settlement should be rejected. The reason is that trucking insurance companies often offer settlements that only cover the current medical bills and not the entire situation. These agencies do not cover or provide for lost income, future treatment costs, pain and suffering, and other damages.

To ensure that the claim is valid, a lawyer should contact you. The victim should know at least the minimum amount that should be offered. To determine the amount, a legal representative may be necessary. The hired lawyer may be able to assist with negotiations with the insurance company. This can increase the chance of a satisfactory settlement. If this is not possible with the assistance of an attorney, litigation may be your only option. A lawyer will be required to file the claim in order to seek fair and just compensation.

A Lawyer is Essential

A lawyer should be hired if motions are required, statutes of limitations apply to the case, and any other legal proceedings are necessary. A trucking company insurance agency, or any other responsible party, will likely offer a settlement if this is done quickly. A consultation or interview about the situation can be conducted before the legal representative is hired.

Updated 01/18/22