Kids May Not Handle Motorbikes Safely – Best to Wait Until Kids Get Driver’s Licenses, Say Researchers


Wendy Pomerantz MD, MS and her colleagues write that children should not ride motorbikes until they have the right to get a motor vehicle driver’s license.

Doctors don’t blame bikes. They question whether children can handle the power and want them to use helmets when they ride.

Researchers say that motorbikes, both dirt bikes and motorcycles, are becoming more common. A license is required for driving a car. However, children can ride a motorbike on their own.

Helmets are a lifesaver. This is a safety rule that almost every safety expert, industry, and medical professional recommends. Every time you ride, wear a helmet. Helmets are essential for preventing falls, whether you’re riding a horse, bike, or motorcycle.

However, doctors discovered that many young motorbike riders do not follow this advice.

Motorbike accidents on the rise

Researchers analyzed data from 182 children in Ohio about motorbike accidents between 1995 and 2001. The number of accidents rose by approximately 50% between 1995 and 2001.

One child was killed, while eight others required rehabilitation. Nearly 75% of the injured riders suffered multiple injuries. Riders who were not wearing helmets sustained more severe injuries.

Six Ohio hospitals provided the data. Only riders under 16 years old were included in the numbers. The numbers don’t include those who were treated in emergency rooms, urgent care centres, or doctors’ offices.

These statistics include motorbike accidents (motorized minibikes and minicycles, trails bikes, mopeds and motorcycles). These figures are in Pediatrics’ March issue.

Most common motorbike injuries

These were the most frequently injured parts of the body:

Lower extremities (23%)

Head (22%)

Abdomen/pelvis (13%)

Upper extremities (12%)

Face (12%)

These were the most common injuries:

Fractures (37%).

Abrasions/contusions (24%)

13%) Lacerations

Intracranial injuries (8%)

Abdominal organ injuries (8%)

Most Injured: Urban White Boys

Nearly 90% of the children and teens who were hurt in motorbike crashes were white boys.

On average, the injured riders were around 11 years old. Sixty percent occurred between May and June. This is something you should keep in mind when the warmer months approach.

These injuries did not all occur off-road. According to the 152 accident reports, nearly 36% of the injuries occurred on the streets.

Where is the Helmet?

53 percent of the injured riders were not wearing helmets. This is based on information provided by 152 children who were injured and gave details about any safety precautions taken.

Those kids weren’t breaking Ohio laws. Ohio does not require motorbike riders wearing helmets. According to doctors, there are no laws in Ohio regarding minibikes, minicycles, or trail bikes.

They are eager to see this change. They support mandatory helmet laws and claim that helmets reduce brain injury by 67% and prevent motorcycle deaths by 29%, respectively.

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Updated 01/25/22