Men Are More Aggressive Behind the Wheel

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has collected data that confirms that men are more likely to speed, tailgate and merge in dangerous ways. They also tend to make rude gestures at other drivers or honk at them more than women. According to the survey, women are also guilty of dangerous driving habits like running red lights. The survey shows that younger drivers are more aggressive than older ones. AAA advises motorists to avoid dangerous driving habits and keep calm in the face of everyday stress, such as the holiday season and the pandemic.

Male and female U.S. drivers exhibit aggressive driving behaviors Drivers, 2019

Nearly 8 out of 10 Americans (79%) exhibit aggressive driving behaviors, regardless of their gender. The most common offense is speeding. However, women are just as guilty. Speeding is not a way to save time on the roads, contrary to popular belief. Only 1.9 minutes are required to save time on a 5-mile trip driving 65 mph at 45 mph on a posted road.

Jake Nelson, AAA’s director for traffic safety advocacy, stated that speeding, red-light running and cutting off other drivers can all lead to death. Driving aggressively is dangerous. Be patient and kind when you’re behind the wheel so that everyone gets home safely.

AAA Rules of the Road

Respect posted speed limits

Keep a sufficient following distance.

Use turn signals.

Let others merge.

Be responsible with your high beams.

Parking lots are a place to be considerate. Only park in one spot. You should not hit other cars with your door.

Drivers can react incorrectly to other drivers’ actions on any given day or be stressed out. Holidays can increase anxiety and strain. Add the concerns and pressures of a global pandemic and even the most calm and safety-conscious drivers may be frustrated by other drivers.

“If you are confronted by an aggressive driver or feel your temper rising, slow down, take deep breaths, and create distance between yourself and other drivers. Nelson said that aggressive drivers may not realize the potential consequences of their actions on others until it is too late.

These tips are provided by AAA to assist drivers in aggressive driving situations.

Do not offend: Never make another driver change their speed or direction. This means that you won’t force another driver to change their speed or to turn the steering wheel because of something you did.

You can be patient and forgiving. It’s not your fault.

Do not respond: Avoid eye contact and gestures. Maintain space around your vehicle. Contact 9-1-1 if necessary.

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Updated 01/25/22