Now Showing on Children’s TV: Unsafe Behavior

A new study has found that children’s television shows often feature characters who disregard safety rules. This includes riding in cars without seat belts, running on streets without looking, and bicycling with no helmet.

Children are more likely to be injured in an accident than those who don’t.

Is it possible that children may be influenced by watching television characters do dangerous things? According to the authors of the study, which was published in Archives in Pediatric and Adolescent Medical, it’s still not clear. They say it is an important issue that must be investigated further.

Over a week, 200 children’s programming was analyzed by the researchers. The TV shows that depict unsafe behavior without any consequences were what the researchers focused on.

The researchers found that 47% of children’s shows featured at least one act of unsafe behavior and 33% contained more than three. These depictions were broadcast on cable television stations at 57%, while 23% of them were on public TV. 60% of these depictions were found in cartoons, while 33% are in action shows.

According to the study’s author, most children spend more time in TV than in school. Flaura Koplin Winston MD, PhD, director of TraumaLink Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and assistant professor of pediatrics at University of Pennsylvania, stated that by the age of 18 the average American child had spent more time watching television than they received formal classroom instruction.

WebMD is told by her that television shows influence children’s perceptions of the world. Winston states that research suggests that children incorporate TV depictions into their worldview. “A recent study found that children who watch more TV than they do TV are four times as likely to sustain injury in hospital than those who don’t.”

She says that behavior that is learned early will likely last. In light of this study’s findings, she suggests future studies to examine the effectiveness and safety of messages that are designed to prevent accidental injuries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor-vehicle accidents account for more than half of all children’s accidental deaths. Other leading causes of death include drowning and burns. According to the CDC, for every child who is injured in an accident, there are approximately 20 hospitalizations, 230 emergency rooms visits and 450 doctor office visits.

According to the authors of the study, these findings are only a start. Winston states that safety education may be more beneficial than unsafe TV messages. The data could have policy implications for children’s programming. However, more research is needed to examine the effects of safe messages on prime-time television.

Important Information

Television programs for children often show characters acting in unsafe ways with no consequences.

Research suggests that these messages may override safety education because children spend so much time on television and because they are more likely to remember the behavior early in their lives.

To determine the effect of preventive messages on accidental injury, further research is needed.

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Updated 01/24/22