Pedestrians Hit by a Lyft Driver – Can a Lawyer Help?

Lyft drivers may be required to use their company’s insurance carrier if they hit pedestrians while riding with customers. However, if the driver is at rest, the driver may have his or her own insurance company pay the settlement. A lawyer will help determine the details of the accident and hold the responsible party accountable.


Lyft is Similar to Uber

Lyft, Uber, and other ride-share services can be compared to taxis or private accommodations for transportation because the driver doesn’t use their own insurance while working for the company. Lyft, the business itself, does not own or operate the car — the driver works as a contractor for the company. To purchase a ride, the customer must use an app. The main difference is how employees are paid through the hire-and-ride.

Lyft Accident Liability

To be eligible for compensation, the plaintiff must prove two issues. The first is liability. Damages are the second. To maintain a valid claim, the victim must prove that Lyft’s driver caused the accident. The accident will then be handled by either the individual insurance company or Lyft’s business insurance carrier. The plaintiff will then need a lawyer to contact the carrier and help them with their claim.

Pedestrian Rights

The rights to protection against accidents are maintained when a person is running, walking, or jogging on the sidewalk, or in other areas that should be allowed. These protections apply to pedestrians, cars and trucks, as well as bicycles. Crosswalks are another area where pedestrians have the right to use, as well as areas such a bridge walkway and the sides of roads where cars should not be driving. If a Lyft driver hits a pedestrian, the victim is entitled to all damages.

The Claimant is the Pedestrian

The pedestrian is entitled to seek damages from the Lyft driver and company if they are unable to proceed as plaintiff or victim in a case. If there are cameras to record the incident, it is possible to prove negligence or fault. This evidence is used to support the story of the pedestrian and can be used against the Lyft driver. The victim could be held responsible if the pedestrian moves in an unsafe manner or is not paying attention. The victim, depending on the state, may not receive any compensation.

The Case

Proving fault is the primary method lawyers use to help pedestrians and cars in an accident. Although the accident may be handled by an insurance company, it is important to hold them responsible for any damages. The settlement must be reasonable and sufficient to cover all injuries as well as income loss while the pedestrian is recovering. Lyft will negotiate a settlement on a less serious basis if there is sufficient evidence. This is usually done by the lawyer after conducting a thorough investigation.

The claim against the Lyft employee may require proof of negligence. The duty of care involved in these processes is standard with other drivers on the road or pedestrians in the correct areas that protect them. A breach occurs when the safe areas are no longer protected because of the driver’s actions. The Lyft driver striking the pedestrian is usually the reason for the injuries — a medical examiner can confirm this through an examination. Other evidence is usually found on traffic cameras that are located in the vicinity.

Legal Support for a Pedestrian Hit By a Lyft Driver

The lawyer can help victims seek maximum compensation, whether it’s the initial or further investigations or communication with the insurance company. This legal professional can be hired early so that the victim can begin to recover from their injuries.

Updated 12/2/2021