Litigation-related expenses cut directly to the heart of your company’s bottom-line. To protect your best interests, your business needs an experienced business litigation attorney who, as virtual in-house counsel, can react to spontaneous crises, negotiate effectively to avoid litigation, and aggressively represent you in the courtroom whenever necessary.  Century Park Law Group provides litigation plans, budgets, and client-driven analysis on all aspects of a case to allow the client to better manage and resolve pending litigation.




Leah5.0 star
Sahm was an amazing lawyer. He walked me through the entire process and told me what I can expect. First and foremost, he cared about my health and well-being. He wanted me to get better and referred me to excellent doctors and therapists. Finally, he got me a judgement that was more than fair. Without a doubt, Sahm is a dedicated attorney that you can feel 100% safe with and can count on. His work is flawless and organized and his communication is key! I would highly recommend him to everyone and anyone I know as they would be, without a doubt- In the hands of the best Attorney.
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Veronica C.5.0 star
I have nothing but an amazing things to say about CPLG. I was in a car Accident a few months ago, they helped me with everything. I felt truly taken care of, what an amazing staff. Scarlett was my case manager and she took such a good care of me! They were always available - 24/7 I could call or text them anytime and they would answer all of my questions! Sam is a fighter and compassionate lawyer. I am pleased with my settlement and I highly recommend them. The best customer service and such a pleasant staff. Thank you Century Park Law group.
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John A. 5.0 star
I have had only positive experience with this Firm, they worked on my mom case we were able to settle for $100,000.  When originally the insurance company wanted to only offer us a measly $15,000.00, Sam convinced them to pay more. Very happy with this firm they are an advocate with competent staff. Sam Tabibian and his team are just amazing!  They provided the best medical care and they took care of everything.  I strongly recommend Century Park Law Group, Sam, Sahm and Robert.  If you want to get compensated justly, hire this law firm.  You will not regret it.
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Nikki M.5.0 star
I can't begin to start by saying how great of a lawyer Sahm is. I have been dealing with a case that happened three years ago and he has been there for me throughout It all. He constantly checked up on my injuries to make sure I was okay and showed constant care. I don't know how I would have been able to go through something for so long had it not been for Sahm. He is extremely professional and diligent in his work and you will feel very confident in your case if you decide to go with Sahm. Besides him being a great lawyer, the office of Century Park Law Group itself is breathtaking!
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At Century Park Law Group, everything we do is focused on obtaining the best possible result for every client we serve. From the thorough investigation of injury accidents to taking full advantage of available technology to expedite our clients' claims, we have built our California personal injury law firm to provide superior service and performance to clients throughout Southern California.
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If you are seeking money or a specific action instead of criminal sanctions against another party or parties, or if someone else if seeks money or a specific action from you, both parties will usually hire a civil attorney, also called a litigator or trial lawyer. The goal of civil lawsuits is generally to recover money or property.

Among other specialties, civil law includes:

  • personal injury law
  • family law
  • real estate law
  • business law
  • employment law
  • immigration law
  • landlord/tenant law

Lawyers who specialize in civil lawsuits must have a four-year degree and a juris doctor degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association.  Attorneys must also have passed the bar exam in every state in which they practice. They can represent either the plaintiff or the defendant.

Civil litigation attorneys handle all parts of the litigation including:

The investigation process may include:

  • interviewing the client
  • visiting the scene of the incident
  • finding and contacting witnesses
  • collecting statements from witnesses
  • gathering documentation
  • finding out what factors contributed to the incident

Pleadings and Motions 
Your attorney will draft and file a summons and complaint, if you’re the plaintiff, or answer the summons and possibly file a counterclaim, if you’re the defendant. If applicable, he or she may file a pretrial motion or motions, such as a motion to strike or dismiss evidence or change the location or venue of the trial.

The discovery phase of a lawsuit is when attorneys request that opposing counsel provide them access to all information that is relevant to the case. This means that the other party will have access to the same witnesses and evidence, but not the conclusions or case being built by your attorney. Some common methods for obtaining information from the other party include:

  • Interrogatories
    Interrogatories include both written list of questions that the other party must answer in writing, and depositions which typically involve verbally responding to questions asked by the other attorney in their office, under penalty of perjury.
  • Requests for Documents
    Each party must provide the other with all documentation relevant to the case.
  • Requests for Admission
    An attorney may ask the other party to admit to or deny aspects of the case in writing and under oath.

A few weeks before the trial begins, your attorney will end the discovery phase and begin to prepare for trial. This may involve retaining and disposing expert witnesses and other types of witnesses, and drafting pre-trial motions, such as the inadmissibility of evidence at trial.

Your attorney will meet with opposing counsel to attempt to negotiate an agreement in order to avoid the effort, expense and risk of trial. Settlement can happen at any phase of a lawsuit.

If your attorney was unable to reach a mutually agreeable settlement with opposing counsel, your case will move to trial. Your lawyer will present your case in court and argue its merits before the judge or jury.

If your verdict is not what you believe is correct, your attorney may be able to file an appeal. Appeals are not automatic and not all cases are eligible for appeal. In order to appeal a judgment, there must be evidence that the decision of the trial court was wrong, based on issues such as certain evidence being allowed at trial when it should have been inadmissible.


Even if you are familiar with the law and your rights, it’s a good idea to hire a specialist when it comes to the law. Legislation is very complicated, and attorneys spend years learning how to read and best interpret it.

An experienced civil litigation attorney can help you:

Determine whether or not a lawsuit is the best course of action for your situation
Some cases do not require litigation and would be better suited for a much simpler option. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), such as mediation, saves time, effort and expense for all parties and frees the courts to handle more complex cases.

Avoid self-incrimination
Although you are sworn to tell “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, you are not required to volunteer information that has not specifically been asked. In our everyday conversations, we often free-associate and do more than just stick to the facts. This behavior is acceptable and desirable in life, but may be harmful in court. Your lawyer will coach you on how to speak in court, so you can avoid accidentally incriminating yourself with your testimony.

Find out whether or not your case has merit and what your chances of success would be in court
It is not enough to have been wronged. In order to have a successful case, the other party needs to be proven responsible for your loss and they must have the resources to pay your award.

Reduce your risk
Going to court is a gamble, even if you have strong evidence on your side. How your case is decided will depend on the decision of the judge or jury. Having an experienced litigator on your team increases your chances of everything going smoothly. Your lawyer can handle any last-minute surprises that come up along the way and set your case up for success.

Handle your paperwork
Lawsuits require a lot of documentation, all with specific deadlines. Filing it correctly requires that you completely understand all processes and terminology mentioned and follow all procedures. Filling out or filing forms incorrectly or failing to follow procedures can result in delaying your case.

Manage your case from start to finish
Civil attorneys know how best to build your case. They understand the evidence that will stand up best in court and how to counter the arguments that the opposing counsel will make. Your attorney will explain the fine print in any case-related documentation and make sure that you understand the legal ramifications of your options. Without an experienced civil attorney on your side, you leave yourself open to very costly mistakes.

Save money
Hiring an attorney greatly increases your chance of winning your case. In some cases, you may even be awarded legal fees, so your opponent will be required to pay your lawyer in addition to your award. Although it may be hard to believe, not having an attorney can be very costly if you don’t have a complete understanding of the law and legal proceedings.

Protect your business
You take a risk just by owning a business. A civil litigation attorney can help protect your best interest.


Century Park Law Group has been helping clients resolve their civil law cases for over 50 years. We limit the number of cases we take on so our clients benefit from individual attention.

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