Shoulder Injuries in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many serious injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents. Shoulder injuries are one example of such an injury. These injuries can have severe consequences.

There is a connection between motor vehicle accidents and shoulder injuries

High traffic levels can lead to crashes. Anyone involved could be injured. These accidents can cause many injuries, but shoulder impairment is one of the most common. Automobiles can be damaged to the point that victims are trapped in their cars. These issues can cause additional damage to victims’ bodies that isn’t immediately apparent after an accident. Collisions can be fast-paced and leave victims in shock until help arrives. Many times, the person feels lingering pain from injuries after the adrenaline has worn off.

Factors that are often ignored

Many accident victims feel sore and ache for days. Many people don’t feel any pain for several days or weeks after an accident. Delaying visits to healthcare professionals can be harmful to your health and legal case. A persistent pain can be a sign of an injury that needs medical attention.

Common Injuries

Although a doctor may not find specific injuries until several months after traffic incidents, many wounds will eventually surface. Broken shoulder bones can result from violent movement caused by sudden stops in a vehicle. The same aggressive actions can cause the shoulder joint to pop out or damage the rotator or cuff. You may experience severe internal injuries, such as tears in cartilage or muscle. Internal bleeding may occur, which requires immediate medical attention. Whiplash is another form of injury that can occur from quick movements with the body.

What to do

A medical professional should examine any pain that persists. A specialist in the type of injury suffered is best. Specialists in shoulder problems are better equipped to diagnose the problem. Experts can expose the real problem by sharing all details and describing how the body feels. An MRI may be recommended by the specialist. Further treatment may be necessary to heal the injury. Chiropractic care can help with alignment, muscles, and bones. A massage therapist might be recommended if the pain is not limited to the muscles. A physical therapist can help to treat ongoing problems and restore function. To determine if additional actions are required, the initial specialist should be kept informed about any progress.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies might deny claims due to the long time it takes for these injuries to be found after a traffic accident. They may also cite previous injuries. It may take time to identify the root cause of the problem and relay that information to insurance companies. To establish the cause of the injury and the connection to an accident, documentation may be necessary. The initial treatment and any subsequent treatments may reveal the exact date and the relationship to an accident. To support medical payments and insurance compensation, it is important that documentation be dated and signed by professionals.

Sometimes, detailed testimony and witness statements may be necessary to ensure that insurance covers legitimate claims. They will likely be paid for injuries suffered by others if they have more information.

Accident Cases

When accidents result in severe injury, litigation may be necessary. These shoulder injuries were caused by traffic accidents. Negligent drivers may be the responsible party. Many people’s insurance covers claims for medical bills or treatment. When pursuing an injury case, it is important to get legal advice.

A lawyer is the best choice when you need to seek compensation for medical bills via insurance or litigation. A lawyer who is experienced in medical bills and accidents is recommended. As consultants, health care professionals can be needed to explain the procedures and treatment. They also may help to explain why other experts are necessary to heal previous injuries. To strengthen your case, you should share detailed information about the accident and all related proceedings.

Updated 01/18/22