Texting Potentially Worse than DUI

Texting can cause drivers to lose sight of the road and traffic. Negligence can lead to serious injury. Texting can cause impairment of all senses, which could make these actions more dangerous than driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

While the phone is the focus of attention, the driver’s attention wanders to traffic and other objects outside. According to reports, too much focus is placed on the phone and the vehicle operator has to wait several seconds before he or she can refocus on driving. It can lead to injury, death, or an accident if someone is too focused on their phone while driving. Although it’s safer to pull over on the side of traffic to text, many people choose to keep the phone in their hands and continue driving. Even if they don’t text back, the distraction can lead to an accident. This can often be compared to someone who is drinking and driving. In some cases, the impairment may be worse than others. Law enforcement may observe the same behavior in texting and driving impaired individuals.

Ever Increasing Texting Accidents

Texting accidents are steadily replacing driving under the influence. Many drivers can legally drink alcohol up to.08 percent before they are considered legally drunk. Texting while driving is illegal in many states. A collision can be caused by one instant, and many people are distracted by their phones. Despite the increasing DUI violations, texting has begun to replace these issues in many States. According to the National Safety Council, texting has been responsible for more than 1.6 million accidents each year. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than ten teenagers are killed each day while driving or riding in vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a driver who texts is equivalent to someone who drives after having drank four beers. The same person is six times more likely than someone who drives while impaired to cause or contribute an accident.

The Populace Needs to Be Taught About Driving and Texting

To educate the public about texting and driving, there are a number of programs and groups. The Texting Thumb Bands was established to help individuals and groups learn about the dangers of texting while driving and how it can lead to serious injury and death. Unfortunately, there is no anti-texting group that is as big as Mothers Against Drunk driving. MADD is the largest anti-text agency in America. It has more resources, political power and numbers than any other. These anti-texting groups and programs must keep pace with MADD in order to reduce texting deaths, injuries, and accidents. Technology advances and greater support are essential.

Effectiveness against DUI Violations

Despite the controversy and differing opinions about how to stop DUI violations, there has been a steady rise in DUI criminalization. States with stricter and more severe penalties and procedures have seen a significant decrease in the number of deaths, injuries, and accidents. These laws have helped to reduce the negative impact DUI violations have had on society at large. This question could also be asked if the same laws could apply to texting in order to produce the same result. Agencies have been questioned by agencies about whether harsher or more criminal consequences should be applied to collisions caused by texting drivers. These actions can lead to fatalities, and may result in charges of manslaughter similar to DUI violations.

Possible elevations of texting deaths include vehicular homicide, second degree murder and manslaughter. The driver is responsible for texting while driving. These actions can lead to severe consequences, but they are often not punished equally because the laws have not been made to address these crimes. Data shows that text messages sent, received, or viewed while driving can be more dangerous and dangerous than those who have consumed alcohol above the legal limit of.08BAC or other drugs that impair drivers. For those who have been convicted of texting while driving causing accidents, laws are being considered that could include jail or prison sentences.

Updated 01/19/22