Tips to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Case

These cases involve motorcycle accidents, which are among the most difficult cases to litigate. Because of the complexity of motorcycle accident cases, including the nature and science of the injuries and the contributing factors to the accident, they can be difficult to litigate. Motorcyclists feel that there is bias against them, and are treated more harshly than accident victims in passenger cars.

These complexities and complications make it important for victims of motorcycle accidents to be aware of their rights, and to take proactive steps to ensure that they are protected. A personal injury lawyer might recommend the following steps:

Get medical treatment

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries such as paralysis, brain injury, head trauma, and fractures. Accident victims may not be conscious when they are taken to the emergency room. It is crucial that the victim stays in hospital as long as their healthcare provider recommends. A person who is conscious should request medical transport. Then, the injured party should describe the injuries to the emergency personnel. Even if the victim of a motorcycle accident has never been in an accident and is confident that the injury will not be serious, it is still advisable to seek medical attention. This will help to determine the exact date of the injury as well as the causal relationship between the accident, and the injury.

Continue medical treatment

It is important that the accident victim continues with his or her treatment. The victim should follow all directions given by their doctor. This includes avoiding work and forgoing certain activities until the injury is fully healed. In order to calculate the correct amount of damages, the victim must have received all medical attention before a motorcycle accident case can settle. Insurance companies will often try to deny claims and justify lower settlements by blaming plaintiff’s injuries for not following medical advice.

Contact the police

Even if the accident seems minor, you should still call the police. Documenting the accident will be easier if you do this. A police report can also be prepared. This report will contain important information such as information about the vehicle of the other driver, their insurance, and their identity. You may also find information on whether or not the other driver was issued a citation.

Don’t Repair Your Bike

This tip might seem counterintuitive but many personal injury lawyers recommend that you forgo repairs. The motorcycle is often a significant piece of evidence. This evidence shows the severity of the accident. Accident reconstruction experts might be called to testify regarding the severity and nature of the accident. The physical property may also help establish this information. Sometimes, the victims’ claim can be supported by the property that was damaged.

Take pictures

Photograph all evidence you can, including photos of the bike damaged, other vehicles, weather conditions, and road signs. Ask your doctor to take pictures of your injuries before and after any treatment.

Talk to witnesses

Ask for the names and contact information of witnesses if they saw the accident.

Keep track of your expenses

Keep track of all expenses related the accident. This includes medical expenses and lost time at work. This information should be given to your attorney.

Avoid Social Media

Do not discuss the accident on social media. Sometimes, the victim’s case can be compromised by posting or attaching photos about the accident to social media. Insurance companies might also be looking for evidence that contradicts the victim’s claims, such as signs that the motorcyclist has been on vacation or engaging in dangerous activities, even if he or she claims to have been disabled.

Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney

A motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help victims. The attorney can inform victims about the available options. A personal injury attorney can also help to explain the legal process and what you can expect. To represent clients’ interests, attorneys prepare legal documents and negotiate with insurance companies. To support a claim, they may recommend bringing in additional experts such as economists, accident reconstruction experts, or medical specialists. An attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents is essential for accident victims.

Updated 01/18/22