Uber Driver Has a DUI Record – Is Uber Liable?

Updated 11/29/2021

Uber conducts thorough background checks on all drivers who are hired to transport customers in the cities they reside when they work for the company. The driver is usually responsible for any injuries and the victim may be contacted. However, a DUI conviction does not guarantee that the driver will be held liable.

Uber Driver

Uber will conduct background checks on potential drivers before they are allowed to become Uber drivers. This includes background checks that include credit checks and a connection to Fair Credit Reporting Act for credit checks up to seven years old. The company will search the local county courthouse records of every place the driver has lived in up to the current period. Another avenue to avoid liability is the federal courthouse records. Uber will also check multi-state criminal databases to avoid potential problems.

Some drivers can hide their criminal records by committing other crimes. Uber will conduct background checks that other companies won’t use. The National Sex Offenders Registry is one of these. The company has access to social security records and motor vehicle records. The business can use these records and databases to remove candidates who have committed certain crimes and/or violated the law, such as murder or sex crime. Uber may not allow candidates to drive if they have been convicted of felonies or misdemeanors. Other crimes committed years ago may not be grounds for exclusion.

The Driver’s Record

Uber won’t permit drivers to commit certain violations within the past seven years. These include driving violations such as speeding tickets and moving violations, along with any other serious infractions. Reckless driving, hit-and-run and manslaughter are the most serious citations that can be used against a driver to prevent them from working for Uber. Uber will usually forgive any other citations or issues that may be revealed by background checks, except for the more serious and felony-level violations. If the DUI conviction was made within the past seven years, it is not usually relevant.

Uber DUIs

If the DUI occurred in the past seven years, or if the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels exceed the 0.08 limit, or if the DUI includes recklessness or damage to property, the company might refuse to hire the driver. Many DUI drivers will discover that the company will not hire them if they have been convicted of a DUI in the past seven years. Restitution, programs to reduce drinking while driving, and a BAC below 0.08 may offer employment opportunities. Uber may also require a breathalyzer and blood test. The driver must be sober while driving for Uber.

Uber is unlikely to hire drivers with criminal driving records that are not disclosed to the company. This could increase the company’s liability. Uber may be able to dismiss employees who have been convicted of DUI during employment. However, there are less chances that the company will be held responsible for any accident. Even if someone is convicted of DUI, they may be able to conceal it and Uber could still avoid liability by performing background checks and completing extensive profiles for employees.

Safety and legal concerns

Safety and protection of the client are paramount priorities when Uber drivers. Employees must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This will ensure that the driver, as well as all passengers, is safe. The state regulations must be followed by the company. They will not approve any driver with a DUI or drug-related driving record that occurred in the past seven years. Anyone with a DUI older than this can drive for the company, but they will not be held liable in an accident.

Uber will consult both its insurance policies and attorneys to resolve any legal issues. Uber will work with employees to resolve any legal issues quickly and legally. Uber employees can inflict injuries on drivers. To help them through the process, they should hire a lawyer.