Understanding the Cause of Motorcycle Accidents and Who May Be to Blame

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries and death. To survive accidents and other road hazards, safety is essential for motorcycle operators. These drivers are familiar with some of the safety protocols, but there are many ways to stay safe while riding a bike that are not widely known.

While these individuals may be careful to follow road rules and guidelines, many motorbike riders zigzag through traffic to avoid condensed areas. These people often use higher speeds when they are on slower or smaller roads.

Although motorcycle collisions are rarer, they can be deadly. Motorbike riders may be involved in an accident that results in them being injured by another driver. These vehicles have almost no protections as consumer cars. This often causes more harm to those who survive. It is possible for someone riding a motorcycle to be seriously injured in an accident.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

These tips can help bikers avoid serious injury or death while riding on roads and in traffic. Avoiding alcohol while driving is one of the most important tips. Although any type of alcohol driving can be extremely dangerous, it is especially dangerous when a person is riding a motorcycle. This is how many people end up in hospital with grievous injuries. According to one state Department of Transportation, more than twice as many fatal crashes involving drunk bikers were occurring in the late afternoon or early evening hours. These numbers were significantly higher than any other driver. Someone who is under the influence of alcohol may be more likely to cause an incident.

Always wear safety gear, such as a helmet, when riding a motorbike or driving a car. One in five injuries to the head or neck that occur while riding on motorbikes is caused by accidents. The proper use of helmets can help to reduce these numbers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there’s a 40% chance that a motorcycle accident will result in a head injury. This is in comparison to the safety gear that’s worn. This equipment has saved an estimated 69 percent of deaths each year, according to the CDC.

When driving, obey the rules

Avoid possible collisions when a driver follows another vehicle or splits lanes. Drivers who are not skilled enough to see behind, beside, and in front of their vehicle for vehicles weaving through traffic may be liable for an accident due to lane splitting. These vehicles are usually smaller and lighter than passenger cars, so they can often do this without difficulty. Many drivers don’t expect this and may not be aware that the motorbike rider is doing this feat. This is illegal in most states, and it is very common in crashes.

Respecting the rules is crucial when driving on the roads. Respecting the road rules includes adhering to speed limits, being safe, and taking care of similar issues. Be aware of railroad tracks, cattle crossings and slippery fluids. Also, be mindful of gravel that could cause tires to slip or holes in the road. It is also a good idea to behave in a way that doesn’t anger other drivers. If someone is angry, they may cause an accident or another similar incident. All drivers should be concerned about preventing such situations.

Protective clothing

A helmet is a must, but there are other safety gear that can help prevent injuries from a motorcycle rider. Bright colors can also be worn to make the motorcycle driver visible to other drivers. A motorbike rider should be able to see them. These may include elbow and knee pads and reflective materials.

Updated 01/18/22