What Happens After You Get a Traffic Ticket?

You want to understand what happens after you receive a traffic ticket. Most people simply have to pay the ticket and go to traffic school in order to get any points off their driving record. Although it’s costly, it is very simple to handle.

Sometimes, people run into greater legal troubles if they fail to pay the citation or contact a court to contest the ticket. A traffic ticket that is ignored does not disappear. It will remain in effect and could result in you losing your license, paying additional fines, or even being arrested.

What is a traffic ticket?

A traffic ticket is a written notice that a law enforcement officer issues to a motorist, driver, or other road user. It accuses the driver of violating traffic laws.

How can I get a traffic violation?

You can be issued a ticket by a law enforcement officer for speeding, running red lights or stop signs, changing lanes with your indicators off, driving without an expired registration, or driving while you are not complying with traffic laws.

Is signing a ticket an admission of guilt?

Signing a traffic ticket is not an admission of guilt for any traffic violation. Signing a ticket or citation is not an admission of guilt. You are simply agreeing to pay the ticket, or to appear in court if you dispute it. An officer can arrest you if you refuse to sign the ticket.

Do I need to appear before a court?

If you are cited for a moving violation, it is not necessary to appear in court unless you intend on fighting the ticket. If you were issued a speeding ticket, or for exceeding 30 mph, reckless driving, or if there is an allegation that a serious bodily injury has been caused by the accident, you may need to appear in court.

Do I need an attorney to represent my case?

A local traffic ticket lawyer is best if you are looking to appeal your ticket or to make arrangements such as traffic school avoidance. If the traffic ticket stems from a criminal offense, such as driving while your license is suspended, a traffic ticket attorney may be able to help you protect your rights.

Can I attend traffic school?

If this is your first traffic offense, you can go to traffic school. Driving school and a certificate of completion can reduce points on your driver’s license. This will lower the cost of your auto insurance. If you haven’t completed traffic school training and were not enrolled within a specified time frame, you can still attend traffic school.

California, for example, allows you to attend traffic school only once every 18 months. Texas and other states allow eligible drivers to attend traffic schools every 12 months. For more information on eligibility and timelines, contact your local motor vehicle department.

Do I need to pay an out-of-state ticket?

Yes. No matter where you live you must sign a traffic ticket. A warrant for your arrest could be issued by the court where the ticket was issued if you fail to comply. If you were issued a traffic ticket in Los Angeles while on vacation, but are based in Florida, the Los Angeles traffic court judge can issue a bench warrant to your arrest. You could also be charged with additional bench warrants.

If you are unable to attend court in person and live outside of the city, you can request a Telephonic Court Appearance by calling the court listed on your Traffic Citation.

What happens if my ticket is not paid?

The traffic court can take the following steps if you fail to pay your traffic ticket:

* A court may request that your driver’s license be suspended by the department of motor vehicles.

* Attendance at traffic school may be denied

* You may be arrested by a warrant

* Additional penalties may be imposed.

Are payment options available?

Many courts offer a monthly payment arrangement that allows you to pay your ticket fine over several months. If you wish to pay your ticket monthly, some traffic courts may charge an installment fee. You must pay your ticket by the due date. Otherwise, additional fees like a bench warrant fee may be added to your bill and you could be arrested. The ticket fee can also be sent to collections or placed on your credit card report.

It is crucial to address a traffic ticket immediately, as you can see. You can resolve the ticket by attending traffic school or making payment arrangements. This will prevent you from causing financial loss and other inconveniences.

Updated 1/10/2022