What to Do if You Are in a Bus Accident


You are giving your safety and security to the bus driver or bus owner every time you get on a bus. We feel secure and safe on buses for some reason. Many buses don’t have seat belts. Accidents can happen even in buses.

Bus accidents can have far more severe consequences than those in car accidents. Because there are many victims and more responsible parties involved, injuries can be more severe. You will need to speak with an experienced and qualified attorney about your case. Bus accident claims are likely to be complex. You will need someone to assist you in maximizing your recovery. Most personal injury lawyers will not charge anything. They take a portion of any recovery on your behalf.

First, get medical attention if you are involved in a bus crash. The bus crew will usually call for help. However, if the bus driver is injured or dies, or they refuse to call emergency services, it’s up to you to call 911. The accident must be reported to law enforcement to enable a police report to be created detailing the details. Many states also require that accident victims seek medical attention within a certain time frame or they may lose their rights. Don’t wait to see if you lose your claim. Even if your injuries do not seem severe, you should still seek medical attention if you were involved in a bus crash. The bus company will usually cover the cost of your medical visits, regardless of whether or not you decide to sue them. You should get testing for your back, spine, or head injuries. These injuries often don’t show symptoms until weeks or days later, which could make it difficult to protect your rights.

Document what you saw at the accident site if you can. You should get the names, telephone numbers, addresses, and possibly even e-mail addresses of any other passengers or drivers involved in the accident. These people may be necessary for your attorney to investigate the accident claim. Although the bus company might provide names of passengers, information may not be available for witnesses. So, focus your attention on these people. When law enforcement arrives on the scene, ask the officer for his name and, if possible, his business card. If possible, you should take photos from multiple angles of the scene. You should always seek medical attention first. Do not neglect to get it. This documentation should only be done if you feel able. While law enforcement will document a lot of this, it is often better to have your own resources than relying on others.

Bus companies often have insurance that covers more passengers than standard auto insurance. An attorney can help you understand the requirements and laws that apply to this type of insurance. The policy will cover every passenger depending on the state you live in and whether it uses a single pool to pay for the damages and injuries. If the passengers are seriously injured, this will be a significant consideration as a pooled policy may limit your recovery to less than the actual damages. There may be ways around insurance policies’ limits, especially if an insurance company made mistakes or acted with bad faith. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help you determine if these limits are applicable and if there are loopholes that could be exploited for your benefit.

Updated 01/18/22