Who Do I Sue if the Driver of the Other Car – Is the Car Itself?

Technology has advanced to the point that some cars can drive themselves with sophisticated software providing navigation, coordinates and sensory information. This allows them to avoid collisions with other vehicles and comply with road laws. However, even with the most sophisticated technology, accidents can still happen.

This means that the injured person must research what to do in these circumstances. The question of who is responsible becomes more difficult when the other vehicle involved in an accident has no driver. It is important to consult a personal injury lawyer if the situation becomes this complicated.

Companies are creating technology that can drive others without the need for manual input. The person behind the wheel can still drive the car manually in certain situations, or shut off the autopilot. Circumstances can become complicated when autopilot is activated. This is when it becomes difficult to determine who is responsible for the accident. The manufacturer of the self driving car could be responsible if there is a defect. Other times, the car company may be responsible for the injuries. A personal injury lawyer should be consulted. This will allow the injured party to determine who is responsible for any damages.

Who Pays for Damages?

Google is the primary manufacturer of self-driving cars, so the insurance coverage for these cars often covers all damages that are incurred by the victim. This explains who pays when responsibility and liability falls on the company that creates these vehicles. If the at-fault driver was the one who was injured and not someone in the self-driving car, then the driver’s insurance company may be responsible for paying for any damages. Based on the predictions of the United States’ dealerships that will sell these cars, the majority of these types of automobiles will be purchased from Google until 2020. The company has extensive insurance in place to cover most injuries. Therefore, compensation payouts should cover all factors.

Before these cars collide with other drivers, it is important to know who is responsible for paying the damages. In order to make it clear who is responsible for the damages, regulations have been created that will govern these vehicles. Google is working closely to ensure that all information is accurate while these laws are being developed. These vehicles could also have statistical data tracking, which may allow for the identification of the at-fault party in a crash based on weather, road conditions, and other factors. These vehicles are now allowed to be sold and driven within the borders of some states, including Arizona, Nevada, and California. Many more may open up quickly as these types of cars become viable options for self-driving traveling.

Accidents with Self-Driving Cars

Accidents involving self-driving vehicles often lead to confusion as to what to do, who should be contacted and what consequences may result. One of the most common injuries to people involved in these incidents is being rear-ended by self-driving cars that hit a manually-driven vehicle. Items or objects may also be hit or run over. Rarely, damage can cause multiple vehicle accidents with property damage that results from the collision of the self-driving vehicle with another vehicle. This means that there may be some concerns to work out before these are a viable source of autonomous operated cars.

The majority of incidents involving self-driving cars are due to the operator. Some of these accidents were caused by lower speeds rather than higher velocities. This could require additional considerations from all types of drivers.

Litigation through a Lawyer

When the person injured in the accident was in a manually driven vehicle, it is important that he or she contacts a lawyer to determine what to do next. They may need to contact the Google vehicles’ insurance agency directly. However, someone who is specifically responsible for traffic and road issues might be available. These matters may become clearer with the help of legal representation.

Updated 12/08/2021